Florida Probate Law Articles: Inheritance Tax, Minors, and More

The estate attorneys at Statewide Probate® understand that Florida probate law, including inheritance tax, deeds involving minors and missing heirs, and other estate issues, can become a bit overwhelming.

To help you get a better understanding of probate laws in the state, our lawyers have posted numerous articles on many facets of Florida probate law.

Who can sign a deed for a minor?
Roadblocks in foreclosures of real estate owned by a deceased person
Can an estate sell real property with a missing heir or incompetent heir?
Does the personal representative need to sign the deed for homestead?
Why is my underwriter still requiring a Florida Final Certificate for estate taxes when no estate tax is owed in Florida for persons dying in 2005 or later?
Another Problem for Tax Deeds
Do underwriters still have to worry about getting through the probate creditor period?
Why does getting a foreign will recorded under sec. 734.104, Fla. Stat. not suffice to pass title?
Why is a deed signed by an executor from another state not valid in Florida?
Does Florida recognize a common law marriage?
Does a deed need to identify the owners as husband and wife in order to create a tenancy by the entirety, which would automatically pass title if one spouse dies?
When does a personal representative need a court order approving a sale?
How long does a summary probate administration take?
Which law determines the heirs of Florida property?

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