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The probate attorneys at the Florida law firm of McDonald Fleming Moorhead assist heirs or personal representatives with the administration of Florida estates that have no disputes or contests.

We charge reasonable fees and offer a free consultation for these cases. However, we cannot help you if you wish to question someone else's handling of an estate's probate administration.

  • We do not comment on the administration of an estate already opened by another attorney.
  • We do not represent or respond to heirs if someone else is handling the Florida estate.

If you are the personal representative named in the last will or have been selected by a majority of the heirs to open the estate, and if you wish to discuss our firm possibly assisting you as you administer a probate administration in Florida, please contact us by any of the following methods:

There is no charge by our firm until you have agreed to retain us and have signed an Agreement for Legal Services which clearly states the scope of our services to you and the charge for those services.

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